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Dr. Jacquiline Habashy

Dr. Habashy Hakim is a revered figure in the world of dermatology, holding double board-certifications and a reputation for excellence in both medical and cosmetic spheres. Her prowess in advanced medical treatments, especially Mohs surgery, positions her at the forefront of skin cancer detection and treatment. In the realm of cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Hakim is an industry leader, skilled in an array of transformative procedures ranging from Botox to dermal fillers.Her adeptness in state-of-the-art treatments such as microneedling and skin resurfacing ensures that her patients benefit from the latest in aesthetic care.


 With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the skin's anatomy, she delivers results that are not only effective but also artistically nuanced. Dr. Hakim's comprehensive approach is a testament to her dedication to both the health and aesthetic aspirations of her patients, making her a sought-after expert in her field.

Dr. Habashy Hakim

Dr. Habashy Hakim's academic journey began at the distinguished University of Southern California, where she acquired both her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees. With an unwavering focus on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, complemented by a Biology minor, she built a solid foundation in medical sciences. Adding another accolade to her credentials, she pursued a Master's in Global Medicine, further refining her expertise in the field.

Dr. Hakim continued her medical odyssey at Western University of Health Sciences, where her exceptional leadership and academic prowess didn't go unnoticed. It led her to ascend to the esteemed role of President of the Dermatology Society—a testament to her dedication and passion.

Relocating to Miami, Florida, for her dermatology residency, she had the privilege to be mentored by some of the industry's luminaries in cosmetic, surgical, and medical dermatology. During her tenure as a senior resident, she became an influential voice in aesthetic medicine, contributing significantly to the mission of Doctors Reaching for Excellence and Achievement in Medicine.

An active participant in the dermatological sphere, Dr. Hakim is not just a member but a guiding figure in elite organizations such as the AAD, WDS, ASDS, and SOCS. This commitment to her profession is further exemplified by her numerous contributions to respected peer-reviewed journals and her prominent presence at major conferences across the nation.


In the clinic, Dr. Hakim is a maestro of both cosmetic and medical dermatology. She's proficient in a range of advanced cosmetic procedures, from Botox to dermal fillers, and from microneedling to skin resurfacing, positioning herself as a leader in aesthetic treatments. Patients laud her for her meticulous approach, often likening their experience to receiving care from a close family member. With Dr. Hakim's touch, patients are assured of results that are both authentic and dramatically rejuvenating, enabling them to radiate their best selves with confidence.

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